Beads: An Elegy to Humanity

We’ve been tied as inseparable beads
in a string of never-ending desires,
The friction between us sparks beautiful fire,
the fire swirls around and burns the world down,
and this friction spreads like a disease-
every inch of us gets covered in marks of wicked sins,
the fire still burns but not in our hearts,
it burns down our soul as we turn into cannibals,
feasting everyday on a new victim,
Unknowingly, we become our own victims
and turn criminals to our deeds,
we are the inseparable beads-
does the world wear us as a bracelet and weeps
for every fallen soul?
Our desires poison our souls and
what’s left of the heart gets eaten by us.

~Yashi Tiwari


The world is breaking and shaking under
the tremendous pressure of heartbreaks,
it isn’t the brooding of some lost romance
but the death of hearts all over again-
How many more will we dig up and bury
and dig up and bury,
what will we do with no ground left?
We’ll probably be the Vikings then,
The seas and oceans will become the graveyards and
after a while, there’ll be no place,
How many tremors of earthquake will rumble
and make us fall all over again,
before we save ourselves,
what if it gets too late.

~Yashi Tiwari

Regret: An Elegy

The world is alive and the world is dead
bodies have been piled up with no regrets,
Regret, it has already died-
its body has been decomposed and now its
soul lingers inside hollow bones and muscles,
imaginary life that can be preserved,
It’s too late,
Is it too late?
Who knows when we’ll be saved,
Who knows when we’ll save ourselves
from us,
others from us?
What if it is the end,
What if we were born to plunge into doom,
What if it ends with us?

~Yashi Tiwari

Entwine: A Poem

If there existed only sunrise with no sunset,
would the world still suffice?
Leaving all scientific reasons behind,
would our heart love the phenomena and
bask in the evergreen sunlight?
There would be no dusk,
no scenery to soothe,
no moon to talk to,
no stars to call to,
there would be no hope for a Tomorrow
or a next Today, as we may say,
our souls would be lost in a blinding light
with no calmness at bay-
Happiness follows sorrow
Sunrise follows Sunset,
and for the lovers of night-
Sunset follows Sunrise,
be it the light of the day or
the dark of the night,
souls will be enlightened only
when the two entwine.

~Yashi Tiwari

Peace or Power

War has begun,
people have been killed-
some bodies were buried,
some were burnt-
some lay dead on a foreign land
with no grave or name,
The dimensions have started falling apart,
signals have been broken,
relations stand broken-
the world steers clear of any redemption
and with a smile, we heave-
Life goes on.
Battles are ending,
and beginning again-
Proving one’s point may take some time,
Blood, sweat, tears of brethren-
The chilled blood of dying folk,
the tired sweat of a barely living family,
and the ocean of tears of a destroyed civilization,
and with a smile, we heave-
Life goes on.
Somewhere lost in smoke and fire,
she lays buried with our kins behind,
wondering why our hearts burn in a
vengeful spirit of loathe,
and how when the two road diverge,
we choose the path more travelled-
with destruction and chaos as our chauffeurs
and sins as our kins,
we choose the path of hunger for power
over the kindness of Peace,
She lays in hopes of being chosen,
Yet we choose Power over Peace.

~Yashi Tiwari

Outliving Time

Pic source: Pinterest

We have been studying ‘In memory of W.B. Yeats’ in Modern Poetry and this line is glued to my soul and mind. Even after my death, my work will keep on living. This thought soothes my soul. In ‘To the Lighthouse’ by Virginia Woolf, Lily Briscoe was able to preserve her life in the form of her painting as well.
We should keep on living while doing what our heart approves of and we’ll be able to outlive time in the form of the work we do.

Raped! An Elegy to Medusa

Was Poseidon hated when he
turned her world into a barren land
with weeds of disaster seeping from every corner
and darkness engulfed her paradise,
Was he put through the altar of Justice,
or was he treated as a God, God!
the poor girl wept, Alas!
Was it the fault of her beauty
that she was robbed of,
her hair turned serpents,
her humanity was robbed,
only for Perseus to kill her off-
her eyes petrified souls,
But wasn’t she the victim here?
Medusa lay dead, a priestess who was betrayed,
and Poseidon had a glorious fate,
Is it how the generations have been
passing their Justice,
with the evil at throne
and innocence lying dead in thorns?

~Yashi Tiwari

Death awaits Life


Death awaits Life
holding blooming lilies,
Let’s start it one last time
before everything disappears,
before the horizons fade away-
The world was living and dying
with a compromise that was made,
Life got measured in decades and vanished
when breathing strangled death,
but rising waves were strangled as well-
It was a game of give and take,
Now all’s done and nothing’s done
Yet, the doors have opened and closed,
the lilies will soon wilt as well
as end comes near
Life awaits Death.

~Yashi Tiwari

Glamourous Souls

Alluring robes of silk and satin
cover the scars,
a tradition passed down the ages
to soothe poison with poison
to severe pain with pain
tied to a cycle of unchanging change-
We’ve been lost in an oasis
of appearances and glamour,
while we wander around for a place to belong
with no home, no hope, no harmony inside
we search for Atlantis outside,
As if everything would fall into one place,
the puzzle would be solved and our souls won’t ache,
We inflict scars upon our hearts,
Then wonder about the ointments’ power-
Glamourous bodies wrapped in flesh,
When will we let our souls stand naked?

~Yashi Tiwari