Fallen angels: A rising melody

The once fallen Hearts keep on looking for a shore to hold. We can again rise from abyss and fly for our souls if we grab our hearts and March towards our dreams with valour and perseverance in our hearts.

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Yashi Tiwari heartfeltwriting276

Equality and Humanity: A blend of Paradise

My ebook ‘Neither a Man Nor a Woman: Human’ is now available for free promotion on Amazon/Amazon Kindle. Kindly give it a read to understand the value of humanity and equality. Let’s dive into the heart wrenching story of Peter, a boy who only wants to be a human (neither a man nor a woman). Tap the link to read the short story:

Neither a Man Nor a Woman: Human

Yashi Tiwari heartfeltwriting276

Neither a Man Nor a Woman: Human (Kindle eBook)

‘Neither a Man Nor a Woman: Human’ is now available on amazon as an e-book. This is my second published short story. It’s under kindle select program hence it’s available for #KindleUnlimited readers for free.

” Are men supposed to love women and are women supposed to love men? Are men supposed to be stalkers while women turn out to be innocent victims? “
~Yashi Tiwari

‘Neither a Man Nor a Woman: Human’ is a heart wrenching short story about Peter, a boy who is abandoned and bullied by his schoolmates for being ‘effeminate.’ Is it his fault for being the way he is? He loves himself for who he is but the people around him oppress him and keeps on bashing his heart. Throughout the story, he keeps on questioning himself about the qualifications that one needs to be a man or a woman. All he wants is to be a human and live for his choices but he is denied the freedom to do so. He loves his best friend Dave, but he can’t muster the courage to confess his feelings. Let’s dive into this appalling story of brutal reality of inequality and cruelty and see if Peter can live freely in a world surrounded by monsters.

Here’s the link to my story:

If you are a supporter of equality, this short story will touch your heart. Kindly read the sample on Amazon and decide if you want to read the story or not. Thankyou everyone.

An Ode to the fallen Hearts

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Crawling in a cryptic world,
wilted and broken, plucked and strewn
a massacre, burning hell of fire,
hopes dying away as they march their wicked parades, stomping on leftovers, debris to breathe
the burnt souls crowned as wreathes
on the fallen dead, smeared in crimson and dusk
painting them as unsung limbs whose hearts were flowers blooming in grace,
Sunflower’s Sunshine in the deadly parade-

Yashi Tiwari heartfeltwriting276